Eating and Drinking in Cat Ba
Posted Date: 11/5/20138:16 AM

Sumptuous seafood is the smart choice in Cat Ba town and there are plenty of restaurants to choose from along the seafront strip.


Huu Dung Restaurant
Add: Đ Nui Ngoc – Dishes: 10,000- 50.000d
This place has always served up whole- some food, but it’s best to eat early, as the Lan Song Xanh Disco is right across the road and cranks up the volume from 8pm or so. The house special is whole steamed fish with lashings of garlic and soy sauce.

Hoang Y
Add: Đ 1-4 – Dishes 15,000-50,000d
If you are in the market for fresh grilled shrimp or squid with garlic, this little seafront place is a popular option. As well as a solid selection of seafood dishes, there are also good vegetarian dishes on offer.

Dolphin Restaurant
Tel: 888 804 – Add: Đ Nui Ngoc – Mains: 20,000-50,000d
This place is popular with travelers thanks to a selection of Western dishes to complement the reliable Vietnamese fare. Don’t worry, definitely no dolphin!

Green Mango
Tel: 887 151 – Add: Đ 1-4 – Mains: 50,000 – 100,000d
The restaurant of choice in Cat Ba, the chef here learnt his tricks at Bobby Chinn’s in Hanoi. The alluring menu includes a selection of smaller appetisers if you just can’t settle on one thing. The braised dock is superb but save some space for the delightful desserts. The interior is all drapes and candles, so customers often linger for cocktails.

One of the most enjoyable ways to spend time in the evening is to sit at tables on the water-front towards the eastern end of the harbour, order a drink from one of the stalls, and watch the world go by.

Noble House
Tel: 888 363
As well as a popular restaurant downstairs, this spot has a great 2nd-floor bar. Comfy chairs and inspired decor help people settle in for the evening, plus there’s a free pool table, board games and plenty of drinks flowing.

Flightless Bird Café
Tel: 888 517 – Đ 1-4 – Open: From 6.30pm
Little more than a hole in the wall, this small, welcoming place is a good option for those with their drinking boots on and as the night wears on, travelers gravitate. There is a breezy 2nd-floor balcony overlooking the harbor, plus a small book exchange.

Blue Nite
Add: Đ Nui Ngoc
The after-hours haunt in town, this is karaoke with kudos. The well-stocked bar stays open until the last person leaves and the song list includes indie anthems from Oasis and Radiohead. Plus there is a stage: perform at your peril.
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